Glaucoma Treatment In Santa Ana

As your body ages, age-specific eye disease may take hold of your vision health. One such condition is glaucoma. This condition is not a curable eye disease. However, vision issues can be stopped in its track and controlled by medication when the skilled optometrist catches it in time. These medications prevent this vision-robbing eye disease from progressing towards blindness. 


Dr. Jenny Choi, Optometrist, is located in Santa Ana. We can help you schedule your all-important eye exam. Catching glaucoma in its tracks is greatly beneficial for your vision.

What Do I Need To Know About Glaucoma?

The age group that Glaucoma affects are over the age of 40. However, this disease can affect younger adults, children, and even infants. 

If you find out you have glaucoma and leave it untreated, this can eventually lead to blindness. Never think that this issue goes away on its own as it will progress. Damage of the optic nerve that sits at the back of your eyeball causes the onset of glaucoma. When there is a low intracranial pressure surrounding the brain, it increases your risk for glaucoma. The doctor can explain the causes. 

You will want to control this visual deficit with eye drops, laser procedures, a surgical procedure, or pills. Your optometrist decides what approach is best for your situation.  Understand that there is no cure, but you can control any progression of this condition. As the pressure in your eye increases, this causes more damage to your optic nerve and, a treatment option can slow this down. In a few years or less, this can lead to blindness without treatment. 

Some patients find that even with treatment, glaucoma still leads to low vision or total blindness. The fortunate fact is that this condition is usually slow progressing over 20 plus years, but the treatment our doctors give to you slows and sometimes stops the progression towards blindness. Many eye professionals believe that blindness is a relatively rare occurrence but remains a risk. This eye disease still causes an element of vision loss. 

Some believe that dietary management helps to slow the progression of this eye disease, such as but not limited to, eliminating trans fatty foods, baked goods, and fried foods. Speak with Dr. Jenny Choi about your dietary needs if you suffer from glaucoma.

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