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Eye and vision exams are a key part of preventive optometric care. Dr. Jenny Choi routinely performs eye exams at See 20/20 Optometry in Santa Ana, California, to check your prescription and detect eye and vision problems early. By diagnosing eye and vision conditions earlier rather than later, Dr. Choi can provide treatment options and, in many cases, restore vision or prevent vision loss. To schedule an eye exam at the office, call or use the online booking tool today.

Eye Exams Q & A

What is an eye exam?

An eye exam is a routine checkup with Dr. Choi where she conducts a series of tests to evaluate your vision and ensures no eye diseases are present that require treatment. Each test evaluates a different aspect of your vision or eye health.

What does an eye exam involve?

A comprehensive eye exam at See 20/20 Optometry with Dr. Jenny Choi involves four elements:

Eye Exam and Consultation

During an eye exam, Dr. Choi asks you questions about your presenting symptoms, current medications, and overall health. She uses this information to make recommendations or determine if you require treatment.

Vision Testing

Vision testing ensures you always have the clearest vision possible and measures the vision in each eye with a wall eye chart and reading eye chart. The results produce fractions: 20/20 is the standard for normal distance and reading vision. Depending on your results, Dr. Choi may prescribe corrective glasses, contacts, or eye exercises.

Eye Function Testing

Dr. Choi performs several tests to evaluate eye functionality, such as tests for depth perception, color vision, eye muscle capabilities, peripheral vision, and responsiveness to light. These tests determine whether your eyes are focusing, moving, and working together properly. With the results, Dr. Choi can diagnose underlying conditions that may be impairing your vision.

Eye Health Evaluation

Dr. Choi assesses the overall health of your eyes through tonometry, a visual examination of your eyes and eyelids using magnification and bright light. Tonometry allows her to closely examine the internal structures of your eyes and measure eye pressure. Increased eye pressure can indicate a glaucoma diagnosis.

How often should I get an eye exam?

Several factors determine the frequency of your comprehensive eye exams, including your age, overall health, and your risk of developing eye problems. Dr. Choi lets you know the frequency best for you.

Children should generally have their first eye exam before entering first grade. If there’s been no clear signs or a family history of vision problems, eye exams every 1-2 years should be appropriate.

As an adult in your 20s and 30s, if you don’t have symptoms of vision problems, an eye exam at least every five years is recommended. After that, schedule your vision checks at least every two to three years. If you wear contacts or glasses, you’ll likely come in more often to ensure your prescription hasn’t changed.

When it’s time to schedule yours or your child’s next eye exam, call or use the online booking tool today and set up an appointment at the office.