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Sunglasses are a style accessory and help protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Long-term exposure to these harmful rays can cause serious eye conditions such as cataracts. At See 20/20 Optometry, Dr. Jenny Choi offers sunglasses from a host of chic brands. She also offers prescription sunglasses, so you can enjoy the benefits of corrective lenses while protecting your eyes from the sun. Call or use the online booking tool and schedule an appointment to pick up a pair today.

Sunglasses Q & A

Why should I wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses defend your eyes against ultraviolet (UV) radiation and glare from the sun. UV rays can cause a variety of problems, from dangerous "snowblindness" to irreversible disorders that threaten your eyesight.

UV is a band of spectrum sent by the sun that’s invisible to the eye. This type of light can cause proteins inside the lens to become opaque or cloudy, creating a condition called cataracts, which can interfere with night vision, reduce the ability to see colors and make reading difficult.

UV exposure can also cause retinal damage, changes in the eye tissues and a temporary but irritating "sunburn" of the cornea called photokeratitis.

How do I pick the right pair of sunglasses?

Dr. Choi helps you choose glasses that claim to block at least 99% of UV rays and search for labeling that denotes important safety matters. For instance, a label reading "UV 400" means the glasses block UV rays as small as 400 nanometers and 100% eye protection.

You must also protect your eyes from the glare caused by the visible spectrum. To accomplish this, select products that block 75% to 90% of visible light.

What type of sunglasses can I choose from?

See 20/20 Optometry provides a variety of sunglass options from top brands, including:

  • Tiffany®
  • Versace®
  • Gucci®
  • Tory burch®
  • Coach®
  • Burberry®
  • Armani®
  • Dior®

If you wear glasses to correct your eyesight, you may be happy with a nonprescription pair of clip-on or wraparound glasses that fit over your lenses, a pair of prescription "shades," or custom-ordered glasses that darken when exposed to bright light.

You can also order sunglasses with polarized lenses to filter certain types of glare caused by sunlight radiating upward from horizontal surfaces. This type of lens is recommended for activities, such as boating, fishing, skiing, golfing, and driving. Most polarized lenses have a label identifying their certification.

What protection should I consider in addition to sunglasses?

If you worry about the negative effects of light, including harmful UV rays leaking through sides or top of your sunglasses, wear a broad-brimmed hat to reduce exposure. If you wear prescription eyewear, consider getting a pair of UV-blocking contact lenses in your prescription to wear alongside a non-prescription pair of sunglasses for optimum eye protection.