Find the Best Sunglasses for Spring

Dr. Jenny Choi is one of our premier optometrists with See 20/20 Optometry. She is proud to help you find the best prescription sunglasses for the upcoming Spring season. Sunglasses are vital to eye health for several reasons. Plus, with the extensive styles and selection of designer frames that we offer at See 20/20 Optometry, you are going to find a pair that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses on a daily basis is the best choice for your eyes especially with all the sunny days that Santa Ana has to offer.


Sunglasses Offer UVA/UVB Protection for Your Eyes

We recommend that people wear sunglasses during all daylight hours for a few important reasons. Sunglasses can protect against the UVA rays and the blue light spectrum that could damage the structure of the eye, leading to cataracts or macular degeneration.

Cataracts are a condition that happens over time where the proteins in the lens of the eye break down causing the eye to become blurry or cloudy looking. This can have a significant impact on your vision, as does macular degeneration where vision loss is a problem. Those are the two most serious effects of not wearing sunglasses that properly protect your eyes. Sunglasses also make seeing outside much more comfortable without having to squint in the harsh glare of the sun.

Fun Designer Frames to Choose From

We have a variety of styles that are glamorous and effective for anyone to choose from. Finding the right pair of sunglasses is about function, but also it can be fun too! Personal style is important. There are options in transition lenses, tinting, and UV coatings. The perfect pair is waiting for you with options galore to pick from.

With designer brand names such as Christian Dior, Prada, Versace, Tommy Bahama, and many more, you’ll absolutely find the pair that will suit your specific face shape and needs. Wearing prescription sunglasses doesn’t have to be a chore when you find a pair that’s exactly the right fit for you. Dr. Jenny Choi and her team are delighted to set you on the path to making sure your eye health is protected for now and in the future.

Make an Appointment With Our Optometrist Dr. Jenny Choi

Make an appointment today with Dr. Choi at See 20/20 Optometry in Santa Ana by calling us at (714) 957-2704. Our staff is happy to schedule a full eye exam and consultation to find out exactly which pair of gorgeous sunglasses would be right for your eye health needs.

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